Dr. Curtis Margerum from Alexandria, VA joined Palmercare and tripled his practice!

When you apply, here is what you should expect:

  • We will come visit your clinic to learn more about you and your practice
  • You will come visit one of our practices to see how we do things

If both you and Palmercare Group decide it is a good fit…

  • You will add a Palmercare Clinic to the end of your Clinic name
  • We will go through our plan to Exponentially grow your practice Guaranteed

Our plan will include 5 key areas of focus

  • The Design of your practice – What you do and why?
  • Your Philosophy, Confidence, Leadership Skills
  • Your Team
  • Your Marketing
  • Your Systems

About Palmercare Group

Our team will come to your practice to implement everything swiftly and easily.
You and your team will join our weekly live video trainings.
You and your team will join our live monthly 3 to 4 hour trainings.
You and your team will join us for our signature Leadership Experience in the Shenandoah.
You will become part of a support team that will never stop growing and affecting this world in a positive way

The first step is applying, and we will call you to meet

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